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How to make your antique silver jewelry last for a lifetime

Silver, as beautiful a piece of jewelry as it might be, you need to take proper care of it if you want it to maintain its ornate beauty forever. Thanks to its natural properties, any jewelry that is made with silver will change color with passage of time.

Let us tell you the colors it changes into. Consider this a friendly warning which is more like an empathetic hand on the shoulder than a chokeslam. Here it is- the silver jewelry you have with you will turn yellow at first.

Imagine wearing yellow-colored jewelry at your cousin Dolly’s engagement? We wouldn’t even flinch if you had barfed at that thought. We can empathize with you.

Oh, and it darkens to coal black in the end if you leave it uncared and unloved.

Now that we have given you enough warning on what will happen if you don’t take proper care of your silver jewelry, don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry. As a business that has been trading in Silver for decades, we know what you should do to keep your silver jewelry as new as the day that you bought it. More importantly, we are extremely happy to share the tricks with you.

Here’s how to treat your silver jewelry so that it lasts for a lifetime:

Store it properly:

Would you expect a friend to see your silver jewelry stashed somewhere in your kitchen or in the bathroom? Of course not, you will have little jewelry boxes for them, isn’t it? You shouldn’t even let it reside in the air for a long time. Store them in air-tight boxes that will keep the air out so that it doesn’t lose out on its shine.

Keep it away from sunlight, heat and moisture. If you can’t get your hands on an air-tight box, you can use zip locks too, and ensure that you remove all the air that is captured on it.

Polish ‘em nicely:

As precious as the metal is, it can easily get dirty. Do not use paper towels. A big fat no to toilet papers as well. There are special jewelry cloths that can be used to polish them. Clean each piece of silver jewelry as often as you can but be gentle when you clean it. Dry your silver jewelry with a cotton cloth.

Know when not to wear it:

It is jewelry, not sweatpants. You cannot afford to have silver jewelry on you at all times.Sunlight, sweat, strong chemicals, sulphur, perspiration, etc, will take away that brilliant shine off the piece of jewelry.

Don’t take chances with your jewelry. No doubt that you should not wear it while taking a shower or when you go for a swim. Your neighborhood gym that you frequent isn’t the place to flaunt your jewelry either. Certainly not in a sauna. Oh oh, and absolutely not when you are putting on lotion, come on! Do not spray perfume on the jewelry either.

Dry them like you mean it:

Of course you know that not every water that we are exposed to on a daily basis is purified. It contains chemicals and other substances that will reduce the quality of the silver that you so want to have on your person. Always try to keep it dry.

Be good with numbers:

If you notice carefully, there are numbers stamped on your silver jewelry. They are called hallmarks or fineness marks. We are sure that you are familiar with these terms as it is impossible to miss adverts from jewelry stores on your TVs. The number signifies the percentage of pure silver that your piece of jewelry contains.

For example, Sterling silver is made of 92.5% of silver. It requires a lot of polishing and is considered to be sturdy. We would advise you to check the digits that guarantee the legitimacy of the silver that you plan to purchase. Silverich jewelry has been in the silver business for decades and you can be sure about the purity of its products.

Say no to water:

Like we discussed in one of the previous points why not all water is pure, we are going to go out on a limb and ask you not to put your jewelry in contact with any form of liquid. That’s an easier instruction to handle, isn’t it? Keep your silver jewelry from water. Simple.

Get professional help:

There are times when you should leave it to the experts, especially when you feel that the silver jewelry you have at home is heavily tarnished. Take them to a professional silver cleaner who will have the necessary tools to make it look shiny again.


With all said and done, maintaining the lustre look of your silver jewelry isn’t that hard. A little bit of care and adherence to what we have mentioned in the article will keep it looking as good as new. For any type of jewelry, proper care and maintenance is important. Silver care is incredibly easy if you follow all the above tips to the T as it will help in the longevity of the jewelry.

While silver is durable, you need to properly maintain them for it to last. Do not wait until it goes beyond a point of repair and then you chart plans to clean them. Keep your silver jewelry shining like it was meant to be!

Written by Mathew Joy Maniyamkott

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