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Is Silver the new Gold? 7 reasons why the modern bride prefers Silver over Gold

Silver is getting popular the world over, because even though it is precious, it is still affordable for many people. The fluctuating rate of Gold isn’t doing any good to its reputation. The younger generation has the hots for the metal because it is highly fashionable. 


Jewelry is precious to Indians, it’s passed down from generations. This love for jewelry dates back thousands of years and is also considered as a symbol of status for the bride on their wedding day.  


We’ve all seen innumerable memes talking about our love for jewelry, haven’t we? It is never going to die. The attraction for jewelry is so natural a feeling that many of us might assume that it is congenital. Ridiculous, right? For the average Indian, that’s normal. Any auspicious occasion is an opportunity for you to showcase the hidden jewels. 


There was a time when gold was the only jewelry that was considered by the bride. With the change in the socio-economic conditions and with more and more women getting educated, they no longer want to be decked with gold from head to toe and nor is it attractive anymore as an investment. 


Here are 7 reasons why the modern bride prefers Silver over Gold:


#1 Light weight:


Silver is like gold, but doesn’t add weight to that expensive saree you are rocking on your D-day. It is one metal that doesn’t make you feel heavy even if you are wearing truckloads of it. The bride wants to sashay the venue with all the confidence and oomph that could be projected on her special day. Sporting something that makes them feel as if they are carrying a load is the last thing they need to be bothered with. 


#2 Rustic feel:


Oxidized silver jewelry in combination with traditional designs gives a rustic feeling. Brides love this as it makes them feel regal. For those who like such a style, it is a brilliant addition to the bridal trousseau. 


#3 Flexibility: 


Let’s say you see a type of jewelry that is available in gold, platinum or any other metal, you can easily make them using silver too. With a splash of gold plating, your silver jewelry can look like gold. You can make your silver jewelry look like diamond too. How’s that for flexibility? 


The fact that it is easy on the pockets makes it an extremely attractive choice. Anything that you want which makes the jewelry piece look prettier, it can be done. 


#4 Variety of options:


When compared to other choices like gold and platinum, silver is more affordable and there are a variety of choices available. Usually, designers experiment with a variety of combinations to come up with exciting designs and styles. From rings, pendants, lockets, bracelets, jhumkas, anklets, to every type of jewelry design that you can possibly imagine can be made using silver. 


#5 Versatility:


One of the biggest advantages of using silver jewelry is that it can be used for any occasion. Silver adds class to the dress and you can even add it to your gold or platinum jewelry collection. 


#6 Easy to maintain:


Did you know that the oils in your skin cleans the silver metal? Let’s say your silver jewelry goes dull, you can easily restore its original shine. All you need to clean your silver jewelry is a bit of varnish and a piece of cloth. The fact that it is easy to maintain for years makes it appealing for brides who might want to use it for a long time even after the brouhaha surrounding the nuptials gets over.


Pro tip: You need to store your silver jewelry in an airtight container/pouch. Why? Thanks to its unique properties, silver oxidizes when kept in the open or even if covered with a velvet pouch (which is how most people store their jewelry). 


#7 Hypoallergenic:


Do you know that there was a time when people used to eat from silver plates and it was even passed from generations? Silver has no such qualities and it is often advised for people who worry about an infection. Brides who want a safe wedding are more likely to choose silver over imitation jewelry. If you use imitation jewelry, there are high chances of getting irritations on the skin. You don’t want that on your wedding day, do you? Keep it simple- Go for Silver! 




For the bride who is all substance and less gaudy, silver is the go-to metal for special occasions like weddings. For those who want to have a simple affair, it is the metal of choice for weddings. For brides who are not enamoured by gold, there is nothing better than silver. It can be made into anything that the bride likes. For anyone who wants to look dapper on their wedding day, we couldn’t recommend Silver jewelry more.


It has a bit of everything for everyone. Silver is considered to be one ornamental metal that can be the best fit for any occasion. You will never run out of options. Look and feel the best on one of the most important days of your life. 


Written by Mathew Joy Maniyamkott


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