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Top 10 jewelry trends for 2020

The best thing about jewelry is that it can enhance the beauty of you and your attire by several notches and you don’t even have to try too much. A simple silver earring can completely change the way you look or even how you feel. Talk about making a style statement. 

Jewelry dates back to the time of Cromagnons, they are ancestors of Homo Sapiens. That’s how old it is! If you want us to give you a number, that’s around 40,000 years ago. You might wonder if there can be significant changes in jewelry every year, but the topic is so close to us that we even see different jewelry trends for various seasons. 

The spring collection. 

The summer collection. 

The fall collection.

Does jewelry really have anything to do with the weather? Of course not.

It is just an excuse for mere mortals like us to parade around with new designs of jewelry. 

We are simpletons like that. 

Here are some of the jewelry trends that will dominate in 2020:

Colorful jewelry:

This year is all about colorful jewelry. Even mismatched colors will add to the look, don’t you think so? Floral pieces, bead pieces, etc, are some of the most popular varieties you will find that have color in it. When it comes to colors, you can be certain to find jewels that are mixed up with stones and metals which will drive a lot of eyeballs. 

Animal Motif Jewelry:

Imagine jewelry where designers have somehow incorporated animals into it. While not everyone can pull off such a look, on certain occasions it can turn quite a few heads. Isn’t that what jewelry is all about? Grabbing attention. Creating a statement. Standing away from the crowd. 


Oversized chains:

Chains are getting bigger and better this year. Think of giant sparkling versions of chains that are oversized, and might even have a few beads to back it up. 



You can carry them any day on any occasion and can look regal and stylish without fail. Pearls have made their appearances in all kinds and styles of jewelry. It is never over done and doesn’t look underwhelming either. Pearls bring about a never before seen balance among all types of jewelry. 

Asymmetrical jewelry:

We have familiarized ourselves with jewelry that is even on both sides, where it looks exactly similar on both sides if it is a pair or is symmetrical if it is a single piece of jewelry. It is as if Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is the kind of standard used when designing jewelry. 


Expect this year to add a bit of chaos and bring asymmetry in fashion. Asymmetry can be outrageously used to make something look immaculate while it might have been given a miss if it were designed in shapes that we are usually familiar with. 


Glass earrings:

Have you ever fancied walking around with jewelry that has silver or gold but is adorned majorly with glass? Even the very image of having one gives you the chills, isn’t it? Well, the good kind of chills. 



Heirloom-inspired jewelry:

If the word vintage or retro came into your mind when you read heirloom-inspired jewelry, you are the kind of person who adores jewelry. Jewelry that reminds you of an era that has gone makes you reminisce about life and familial relations in a way that nothing else can.


How wonderful would it be to wear a piece of jewelry that looks as if it belonged to an era when our great great grandmother lived? Not everyone has the good fortune of getting a heirloom passed on to us. Luckily, jewellers can design pieces that look retro to everyone. 


Irregular hoops:

While these have been in fashion for quite some time, you can expect a resurgence of jewelry like this as people are opting for simplicity these days. They are an addition and embellishment for any kind of outfit. You can wear them on any kind of occasion, it helps you blend in like no other. 


Giant shells:

While they came into our lives years ago, it will see a resurgence in this year and the coming ones. But if there is something new about the kind of change that shell-inspired jewelry will bring, it is the gargantuan size of these shells. Expect shells that are ridiculously big, as if the exaggeration is to prove a point. As if it were to make a statement. 




Jewelry that has flowers in it, how does that sound? No, we are not referring to real flowers. We are talking about jewelry that has the shape of a flower with only a marginal space allocated for the jewelry, silver, gold or whatever precious metal that moves your heart. 


Jeweled collar necklaces:

From precious gems to silver jewelry, collar necklaces are seeing a huge comeback. It is a statement necklace as it has all the bearings of a gaudy piece of jewelry which adds to the charisma of the person sporting it. Wear it with your everyday look or on days that you have a party, it never fails to impress. 




One of the easiest ways to increase the style quotient of your wardrobe is to add jewelry in it. It can elevate the charm of anyone to an incredible extent. A simple bracelet or even a tiny earring can make a strong statement. The evolution of jewelry over the years, the consumption patterns, the variety of styles on display, everything about them can be incredible stories themselves.

With jewelry designers finding inspiration even from the mundane, there is no way we can predict what they will come up with. From heirloom inspired jewelry to precious stones that are used in jewelry, anything can be beautifully transformed when you add precious metals to it in the form of jewelry. 

Would you be shocked if you find everyday caps embedded with jewelry? Maybe, but you should not. These are exciting times and you should always be on the lookout for anything that can give you joy. Let us bask in the beauty of the human mind. The power to come up with out-of-the-world designs and ideas will keep inspiring generations of jewellers.


Wriiten by Mathew Joy Maniyamkott

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